switch and go dinos jaggerHere’s come one of the big brother from Switch and Go Dinos family – Jagger The T-Rex Dinosaur.  The VTech Switch and Go Dinos range proved popular last year and some of the dinos were quite big, but Jagger is even bigger and has new technology. This Vtech Switch and Go Dinos Jagger can transforms from a truck into a roaring T-Rex.

This Switch and Go Dinos Jagger walks and even responds to kids commands while in dino mode and while in truck mode. The toy has an LCD screen that displays fierce dinosaur eyes or dynamic driver animations, depending on which mode it’s in. In truck mode, Jagger is ready to work at a construction site with his powerful crane and drill bit. In dino mode, he’s outfitted for battle, with a massive rocket that really fires.

This Mega T-Rex is likely to be a big hit with small boys and some small girls for this holiday season. This is an impressive toy and main gift material for a kid who loves dinosaurs.


Switch And Go Dinos Jagger Overview

Jagger The T-Rex Dinosaur is the biggest of all the Switch & Go Dinos, Jagger is 16 inches tall and easily transforms from a dinosaur jagger the t-rexto a crane and back again. Jagger’s motorized wheels and jaw make him walk, drive, launch the drill and more in response to 20 voice commands in both dinosaur and crane modes. The LCD screen displays cool customizable dinosaur eyes and driver animations. Press his buttons to learn dinosaur facts and hear wild sound effects (plays 90+ sounds and phrases). Switch and Go Dinos Jagger also includes a small T-Rex that transforms into a bulldozer.

The toys are aimed at children aged 3-8 but the older ones also  will be very happy to play with him if he’s around. Jagger can actually move with forwards and backwards motion which can be triggered by voice commands. So kids will be able to get Jagger to come to them from across the room, or chase a sibling.

Jagger The T-Rex Dinosaur Features

  • Small bulldozer transforms into a tiny T-Rex
  • Realistic crane sound effects provide auditory stimulation
  • Features 2 modes of play – transforms from a crane into a fierce T-Rex, promoting problem-solving skills
  • LCD screen displays fierce dinosaur eyes and cool driver animations that stimulate visual awareness
  • Responds to multiple voice commands in both dinosaur and vehicle modes, introducing cause and effect relationships
  • Motorized, voice-activated wheels and jaw introduce cause and effect relationships
  • Press the “Talk” button to learn awesome dinosaur facts that introduce science concepts
  • Extendable crane rotates 360 degrees, keeping your child engaged in independent play
  • Drill head fires from the launcher, encouraging imitative play


  • Product Dimensions: 18.6 x 10.8 x 8.3 inches
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Batteries 4 A batteries required. (included)
  • Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 36 months – 8 years

Jagger The T-Rex also comes with a large poster which can be used with the VTech Switch N Go Dinos augmented reality app which is available for iPhone and iPad. The app is free and also works with posters you can download here.

Switch and Go Dinos Jagger Customer Reviews

“We are huge fans of the VTech Switch & Go Dinos line of toys in our home. All four of my boys are really drawn to the dinosaurs and love to play with the toys together. We’ve had a few of the past dinos and we were excited to check out Jagger and the other new smaller dinosaurs. All the dinos are very high quality and built to last, even with daily use. I really like that they provide a variety of ways to interact with kids teaching them facts about the dinosaurs and making the kids laugh, talk, and imagine. Jagger the T-Rex makes the interaction and fun even better with the ability to respond to my kids as they talk to him. They LOVE that! It’s not always perfect at understanding my kids talk but it does a pretty good job and can catch what they are saying most of the time.

“We can not think of a better product for a child who likes dinosaurs, transformers, and interaction. Jagger is was bigger than I thought he would be. Once we got him out of the box we got the list of commands and the fun began! He will tell you jokes and listens to your commands. The adults were plating with him as much as the kids. The only problem I had with the toys was transforming it from the dino to the automobile but the detailed instructions helped a lot! Since this purchase we have bought a few more Switch & Go Dinos and are never disappointed!” (Read More Reviews…)

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